Far from the Tree

A Scribner Classics edition of Andrew Solomon?s bestselling masterpiece, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, The Dayton Peace Prize, and one ofThe New York Times Book Review?s Ten Best Books of 2012 a brave, beautiful book that will expand your humanity? (People).Andrew Solomon?s startling proposition in Far From the Tree is that being exceptional is at the core of the human condition’that difference is what unites us. He writes about families coping with deafness, dwarfism, Down syndrome, autism, schizophrenia, or multiple severe disabilities; with children who are prodigies, who are conceived in rape, who become criminals, who are transgender. While each of these characteristics is potentially isolating, the experience of difference within families is universal, and Solomon documents triumphs of love over prejudice in every chapter. All parenting turns on a crucial question: to what extent should parents accept their children for who they are, and to what extent they should help them become their best selves. Drawing on ten years of research and interviews with more than three hundred families, Solomon mines the eloquence of ordinary people facing extreme challenges. Elegantly reported by a spectacularly original and compassionate thinker, Far From the Tree explores how people who love each other must struggle to accept each other?a theme in every family?s life. The New York Timescalls it a? wise and beautiful? volume, that? will shake up your preconceptions and leave you in a better place.

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Dangled Carat: One Girl’s Attempt to Convert the Ultimate Commitment-Phobic Man Into a Doting Husband with a Lot of Help from His Fam

Dangled Carat: One Girl’s Attempt to Convert the Ultimate Commitment-Phobic Man Into a Doting Husband with a Lot of Help from His Fam

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If you’re one of the many people wondering how to save a marriage from divorce, there is help for you. Often, we when are in the middle of a deepening conflict with our spouse, divorce seems like the only course to take. It doesn’t have to be. Many couples who have faced a serious crisis in their relationship go on to overcome their differences and enjoy a happy, fulfilling marriage. This can be the case for you and your spouse too, as long as you understand the steps you must take now before it’s too late.

The first step you need to make if you want to learn how to save a marriage from divorce is how to control your emotions. All kinds of conflicting emotions bounce about when your marriage is in trouble. You may feel anger towards your spouse or perhaps you just feel sad all the time because of the impending feeling that divorce is on your horizon. You have to get control of all of this and put on a brave front. It’s much easier to deal with someone when they are calm, cool and collected and that’s exactly what your spouse wants you to be. Even if they are an emotional wreck, you need to stay strong. Be the voice of calmness and reason for both of you.

You must also listen very carefully to your spouse if you want to save your marriage from divorce. It’s easy to discount the things our partner says if we feel as though they are verbally attacking us and picking on us. However, there is a lot of truth buried in what they are saying. Listening and acknowledging them is crucial to rebuilding the relationship. You both need to compromise and you must learn to take criticism. You can’t know what you need to change if your partner doesn’t have the freedom to tell you what bothers them. Have an open mind and ensure they know that you value their opinion. This shows them you respect them and respect is a crucial element of any successful marriage.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was. For more insight into the troubles many marriages face and steps you can take to save your relationship, visit this helpful site.


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