Marriage problems can seem insurmountable when looked at from the wrong perspective. I realize you may have some serious marriage issues and I don’t mean to insult you by asking you to look at your marriage issues as an opportunity instead of a barrier. For every problem you have there are a number of solutions. We just need to find the one that helps you and your spouse build a better marriage.

So what’s really behind your marriage problems? Is it that your marriage has grown cold over the years? Is the passion gone or perhaps the flame has flickered out? Has your spouse had an affair and betrayed your trust? These are all real problems but ones that others have been able to overcome and you can too.

Marriage Turned Cold – Over the years as couples work through their busy lives they begin to treat each other like friends or co-workers instead of lovers. Sure they are polite to each other but it’s more of a casual relationship instead of a life long partnership. This comes from getting too comfortable not putting forth any effort to grow closer.

To reverse the cold marriage problems it just takes a concerted effort to get re-acquainted with your spouse. If you haven’t taken the time to understand what your spouse has been doing, feeling and going through in the last 6 to 12 months then start catching up. Just begin making some quiet time to get involved in your lover’s life, like you were when you first got married.

Passion or Flame Is Out – This is a marriage problem that just takes a concerted effort. The flame is not out but it’s just hidden. To get the flame going again simply make plans to rebuild the romance. You were doing this when you first started dating but because you were blinded by lust you didn’t realize it.

You fanned the flames by planning dates and romantic encounters and that got you to the wedding. To get back the flame put forth the same effort and the results will be amazing and this marriage problem will be no more.

Infidelity Marriage Problems – Infidelity is clearly a difficult matter and in many cases causes such a pain and division the betrayed partner quickly gives up hope. Well although adultery is challenging it can be overcome.

It’s important to of course go through the complete recovery process from dealing with your emotions to restoring trust again. If you can make the commitment with your spouse to work towards reconciliation then half the battle is won. Recovering from this marriage problem will take some time but so does building a great marriage.

Your goal should and must be to learn what created the environment for the affair to occur and build a stronger marriage that’s better than it was. Although infidelity is prevalent in our society today many have overcome this giant marriage killer and I’m positive that you can recover from it and other marriage problems you might be experiencing as well.

Please don’t let your marriage problems linger and cause you to be stressed out and contemplating divorce. Get help now so that the rest of your married life can be as you planned, marvelous and wonderful.

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