Life is not always plain sailing…never a truer word! There are probably very few marriages that have not had their tensions and their ups and downs. It’s what marriage is all about. To expect two very different individuals to live in perfect harmony with never a cross word is not realistic. Marriage has to be managed by both parties or things start to get out of control and unwelcome distortions begin to create unnecessary divisions.

Marriage Help – If You Need Help, Ask!

At the first sign of trouble, many couples start to think that there may be problem with their marriage. It may be a disagreement or the result of a series of events that suddenly blows up. It’s not good when it happens and it’s quite common for couples to really dislike each other.

When the problem is looked at in the cold hard light of day it is usually something fairly trivial that was the catalyst for the bust up. A little understanding and plain, unemotional speaking can sort the problem out.

Couples often forget that having children usually coincides with the busiest and most pressurized time in their lives. Children, husband’s career pressures – wife’s career pressure – moving house maybe, and a whole lot else can cause pressure to build. Sometimes it all goes pop!

If it all goes pop, there needs to be a lot of ‘understanding’ on both sides. Usually everything can be resolved, but if it is proving difficult, then advice should be sought. Usually it’s just a case of someone coaching the solution from the individuals and getting them to fully understand the problem – another person’s perspective is always helpful. If your marriage needs help, don’t be afraid to ask.

Sometime unhappiness can cause weight gain. It’s an unwanted consequence of marriage going through a rough patch. It can cause further problems when attractiveness starts to become an issue. The simplest way round this is not to rush off and go on a diet. This will just cause further stress and strain, and it’s not necessary. A good idea might be to start to eat more fresh food – vegetables and fruit.

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