Couples sometimes may find the need to ask the question “Will our marriage survive an affair?” This question may seem to be difficult to answer. There are many factors that are involved in determining if a relationship can succeed when cheating has upset the balance the relationship. There may have been circumstances in the relationship that have caused the affair to take place. Did the spouse turn outside the marriage to look for a sexual relationship out side of the marriage because the wife started holding sexual favors because of a sickness or out of malice for her spouse. The spouse could have been in a stat of weakness and needed someone to comfort them, and the other spouse was not available..

Marriages do not always run into affair issues. Couples have been known to just fall out of love or may have just lost the spark that they used to have.. But the great thing to remember is that every marriage can be repaired if both the couples are dedicated to work together and start rebuilding the relationship from the ground up.

Here are some tips that you and your spouse can use to rebuild your marriage one step at a time

• Begin talking with one other. Take a seat and begin a dialog about the event. Do not interrupt your spouse while they are communicating their fears and feelings to you. Just be the attentive listener. After 5 minutes, switch off with your spouse. You are not going to communicate your feelings and your spouse will now play the active listener. Avoid finger pointing or blaming each other for the situation. Keep the conversation calm and peaceful. Use this time to try to identify why the affair happened and how the both of you can make sure that it will never happen again.

• Learn to forgive each other. This can be the most difficult thing of this course of action, but it can be the most crucial. Your spouse will feel like he or she is in prison if the forgiveness is not offered. You can offer forgiveness without putting your trust on the table. Simply acknowledge that you know why the cheating happened and that you forgive your other half. The trust that you have will need to be earned back by your spouse over a period of time.

• Get that spark back again. This is going to be the fun part about this process. Drop the kids off a babysitter’s house and get out and rediscover your relationship. There is no need to sit at home and look at the walls. Become a team at trying to find that spark that you both had before your marriage. What made you two fall in love?

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