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Could you use some marriage help to get your husband to man up and be the help mate you need and deserve? Well, I wish I could hypnotize your husband so he could be motivated to be all that he could be but that would be too easy. But I can give you a little marriage help that can inspire him to be a better husband.

Marriage Help To Get Him To Man Up

First I would suggest that you decide what areas you need him to step up in. What are the three most important areas you want him to “be the man in”? Is it that you want him to discipline the children and stop trying to be their friend? Do you need him to stop acting like a king and help clean up the home? Could it be that your man needs to pay more attention to your intimate needs?

It would be great if you could get him to do everything better but that would be asking too much. So settle for the three things that would help your marriage if he would make the effort to change.

Second I would recommend that you figure out why your husband isn’t doing what you think he should be doing in these areas. Is it because of the way he was raised? Could he be slacking because he doesn’t know what to do or is it because you have taken over and allowed him to coast?

It will help your marriage and relationship if you can understand the reason he acts the way he does because if you do, then you can find ways to help him man up. To figure it out just consider some of the following;

• Has he ever done what you are now looking for him to do?

• How much of his behavior have you played a role I enabling?

• If he changed during your marriage was there anything or period of time when he began to shy away from being the man you married?

The next step to help your marriage would be to decide which method you need to use to get him to change, direct or indirect.

Direct Marriage Help

If you know that your husband is capable of taking care of his responsibilities, in these important areas of your relationship, then perhaps use the direct method. I know that some have found it helpful to ask rather than command their husband to man up.

Your husband probably has a great deal of pride and his ego might bruise easily so create a warm atmosphere to break the news to him. Perhaps over a quite dinner you can let him know how happy you were when he used to do (fill in the blank). Instead of making him feel like he isn’t measuring up help him to see that fulfilling his role will allow you to be happier and thus improve your marriage.

Indirect Marriage Help

This is where your husband has never performed well in the areas you believe fall under his umbrella. He may or may not be aware that he is supposed to be “the man” in these areas. He probably could use a little help getting things clarified.

In this instance I would suggest that you indirectly let him know that someone needs to step up with (fill in the blank) and you would appreciate it if he could devote a little more time doing it.

If you have been doing things he should be doing then slowly stop doing them. For example, if you are cooking, cleaning and managing all aspects of the home, leave stuff for him to do and ask him to take care of it. Don’t assume he will figure out what to do.

You may need to give him choices to let him feel like he had a part in the decision process. For example, just ask him which of these three things he wants to help you with.

If you are tired of being the only one disciplining the children then let him know that it will help your marriage if you both share the load. If he doesn’t want to help then you will need to let him know that all of the rules and punishments you set must be adhered to or else.

Sometimes good marriage help is just a matter of finding what motivates change. If at first you don’t succeed don’t give up. Try something different.

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Do you feel like you are running into a brick wall trying to improve your marriage? You quietly read books about changing your marriage and how to love your husband more but despite all of your efforts things just don’t seem to be getting any better.

Ok, I have a suggestion for you but it’s not your normal way to improve your marriage. However, it won’t hurt you to find out how to get your husband to be more intimate and make your marriage better.

Downgrade Your Cable and Improve Your Marriage– Have you ever flipped through some of the premium cable channels after 11:00 P.M? If you haven’t I would suggest you give it a try. If your husband likes to wind down and watch action-packed movies late at night there is nothing wrong with that. However, what do you think happens when he’s flipping through and stumbles upon bikini wearing 20 year olds frolicking around.

If you wonder why he is rarely going to bed at night perhaps it’s because the great premium channels you have are enticing him to hang out in the family room until he falls asleep.

You have 2 choices here.

• Downgrade your cable and get rid of the channels that steel your husband’s time and attention.

• Encourage your husband to watch those action packed movies in the bedroom. This way he gets to spend time with you and avoid having to choose between watching those girls in bikinis or spending time with you.

Place Filters on Your Computers to Improve Your Marriage– Your husband might be struggling with bypassing those ads that pop up periodically offering to find that available single girl in your neighborhood. Or perhaps he’s having a hard time avoiding those XXX sites when he’s working late at night.

Remove the temptation and get filters so your husband isn’t the least bit tempted. This will improve your marriage in many ways and bring your husband closer to you.

If you want to improve your marriage and get your husband to be more intimate take away some of his distractions.

In the short run your husband will feel that you don’t trust him but in the long run he will appreciate what you did for him and your relationship. If you are having trouble convincing him to go along with this then make sure you explain the importance to you and your marriage.

I hope you realize that these couple of suggestions can drastically improve your marriage and create the kind of intimacy you have been missing.

There are many steps you can take to make your marriage better. Your relationship with your husband can and should be everything you expected and more. You can improve your marriage starting today.

Please don’t let your husband’s heart be held captive by women on TV or Online. Click here, improve your marriage, to learn different ways to build a stronger and healthier marriage.

D P Haynes


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